Wednesday, 5 August 2009


....made it to our first post!

As you might see from the profiles opposite, my name is Linda. I live in Nottingham with my husband (Paul) and 3 children , not forgetting our (not so) new addition Floyd...the cat!

I've been scrapbooking and card making for the last 5 years but since meeting my like-minded friend Jenny, card making has become somewhat of a (good) obsession. Aided and abetted by Phill from Honeypot Craft (who's class I joined nearly a year ago now) I have a fantastic time trying new things out and getting excited about everything...especially stamping and glittering! At work, we don't do coffee breaks! We do craft breaks!

The Fickle Pixie is something Jen and myself are playing's our dream (she says, looking wistfully into the distance) and it gives us an opportunity to sell our cards to the guys in the office. We think they go down well :-)

So that's me...and what I'm about....hopefully we'll start building the blog up and making it more interesting...but in the mean time we have some examples of our cards on our website... Feel free to visit us there (although that too is under improvement).

Bye for now